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It’s raining Rhaegars, Hallelujah, it’s raining Rhaegars!

Cersei Lannister is going to see the ghost of her long lost love everywhere in TWOW Continue reading

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The Stubborn Dragon: Robb and Jon

Earlier I discussed how Jon’s memory of sparring with Robb when they were children pretending to be long dead heroes of the realm actually served a dual purpose. The first purpose was to give George an opportunity to summarize Robb’s … Continue reading

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Brief thoughts on Eastwatch

The new episode of Maester Monthly will be out soon where you can hear my full thoughts on the past episode, thought I would jot down my impressions on the episode. This was more of a bridge episode. There were some big … Continue reading

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Telling the Future from the Past: The Foolish Wolf

As we have seen in a few places, George makes use of in-world history as a foreshadowing device, informing sharp-eyed readers of what may be coming up soon. We see Old Nan’s tall tales of the ancient North repeating into … Continue reading

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