Halloween Livestream with Lucifer Means Lightbringer

BTW should check out this excellent and very fun livestream I did with the famed LML, one of my favorite content creators in the fandom.


The topic is “What is going on in the Winterfell Crypts?”. We end up talking about zombies, dragons, minotaurs, and long forgotten prisoners.

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The Ghosts of Westeros

Source: The Ghosts of Westeros

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Dayne, Dayne, What’s in a name?



Names in ASOIAF are often intended to give you insights into who a character is. For instance, House Stark are named for the famous House York of real English history. House Lannister are similarly analogous to the real life House Lancaster who famously opposed the Yorks in the War of the Roses. From the outset of the story this should tell you how these houses will interact based on the reference. And they do not disappoint, members of the houses have been at war since the first book. Or in other examples names are funny plays on words that tell you literally who they are. For instance Bronn, Tyrion’s humorous sellsword companion. Why his name is a misspelling of the word Brawn meaning muscular, and as he is hired by Tyrion that makes Bronn literally “hired muscle”. As a habit I tend to try and figure out what characters names can mean in similar ways, and I thought I would share one. Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning.

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Third Time’s the Charm: the Wolf and the Stag

I dabble into the terrifying and uncertain world of character shipping. Why Arya and Gendry may end up together, and why they may not. And how both the books and show seem in agreement about this.

Source: Third Time’s the Charm: the Wolf and the Stag

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