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The Night That Ended: Holidays in Westeros

Another article upon on Watchers on the Wall This time for the holidays, a look at how traditional holidays and seasonal celebrations play out in our favorite fictional world. Spoiler, it’s awful, brutish, and short. Advertisements

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A Song of Twists and Fate: the Little Moments that Changed Everything

New article up on Watchers on the Wall!   Post I wrote on how the smallest and most innocuous actions in asoiaf can change everything going forward. We talk about the red wedding and the trident, but did you know … Continue reading

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Halloween Livestream with Lucifer Means Lightbringer

BTW should check out this excellent and very fun livestream I did with the famed LML, one of my favorite content creators in the fandom.   The topic is “What is going on in the Winterfell Crypts?”. We end up … Continue reading

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Dayne, Dayne, What’s in a name?

  Names in ASOIAF are often intended to give you insights into who a character is. For instance, House Stark are named for the famous House York of real English history. House Lannister are similarly analogous to the real life … Continue reading

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