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Aegon’s Epic Loot

Varys faces a problem in TWOW with his plan to put Young Griff, whom he calls Aegon VI son of Rhaegar, on the Iron Throne. Griff is almost certainly not the son of Rhaegar. Any real examination of the story … Continue reading

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The Night That Ended: Holidays in Westeros

Another article upon on Watchers on the Wall This time for the holidays, a look at how traditional holidays and seasonal celebrations play out in our favorite fictional world. Spoiler, it’s awful, brutish, and short.

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A Song of Twists and Fate: the Little Moments that Changed Everything

New article up on Watchers on the Wall!   Post I wrote on how the smallest and most innocuous actions in asoiaf can change everything going forward. We talk about the red wedding and the trident, but did you know … Continue reading

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Halloween Livestream with Lucifer Means Lightbringer

BTW should check out this excellent and very fun livestream I did with the famed LML, one of my favorite content creators in the fandom.   The topic is “What is going on in the Winterfell Crypts?”. We end up … Continue reading

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