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Morality Beyond the Wall: Con of Thrones 2018 Panel

  Panel from Con of Thrones featuring Watchers on the Wall feature writer Patrick Sponaugle, author Ian Thomas Malone, Professor Priscilla Walton, and myself talking about the morality and ethics that exist beyond the Wall. Skinchangers, cannibals, tribal wars, trade … Continue reading

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The Lemon Tree and the Red Door

Daenerys Targaryen is a woman who  yearns for the simpler times of her life. Long before she was Queen, Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of chains, she was just a child running through fields barefoot and looking out her window … Continue reading

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Sandor the Corpsekiller

  This essay is also available as a video on my youtube channel. Click here to watch the video, fellow moderator bookshelfstud reads the quotes with his smooth vocal tones. In my previous Essay “How Brienne the Beauty became Pretty”, … Continue reading

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House Targaryen of Valyria and Westeros

Article about the pre-Westeros history of House Targaryen and how they were more anonymous than you might think.   Source: House Targaryen of Valyria and Westeros

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