Game of Thrones Episode 4 Live Reaction with BookshelfStud

Link to video:


Join Bookshelfstud and myself as we break down Game of Thrones episode 4, our reactions to it, and answer your questions.


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Brown Wizard:Mr Skillen

Blue Wizard:Pandora1777Sanrixian

Archmaesters:BryndenBFishNotacastAnissaJuneKasey DuhonLady SharSteven StarkVeronicaYohannZombieJesus

Maesters:Disputed LandsAmber GAnime LoverHeather BlissJuanita BJulie Beth of TarthKaffee StarkKaren CKatie JLady Elaine FairchildLeah MLone Stark StateMaria BMaria NMarilyn BMichael VPainkiller JaneRobert GSer Small PaulStineSusan DDarkSisterGrowlTiger

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