Game of Thrones Episode 3 Live Reaction with ThisGrayArea

Join GrayArea and I as we break down Game of Thrones episode 3 and the battle of Winterfell. Who lived, who died, who is a wight, and where the show goes from here.

Gray Area:…





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Brown Wizard: Mr Skillen

Blue Wizard: Terri B

Archmaesters: BryndenBFish Notacast Anissa June Kasey Duhon Lady Shar Steven Stark Veronica Yohann ZombieJesus

Maesters: Disputed Lands Amber G Anime Lover Ba’al the Bard Heather Bliss Juanita B Julie Beth of Tarth Kaffee Stark Karen C Katie J Lady Elaine Fairchild Leah M Lone Stark State LuciferMeansLightbringer Maria B Maria N Marilyn B Michael V Painkiller Jane Robert G Sanrixian Ser Small Paul Stine Susan D DarkSister GrowlTiger

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