House Strong: The Lost Starks of the Riverlands

A question you must’ve been asking yourself since the release of Fire and Blood, who are House Strong and why does George R.R. Martin care so much about them? Join me on a journey in the deep, secret past of Westeros and the famous and infamous members of House Strong. Lucamore the Lusty, Harwin “Breakbones” Strong, Lord Lyonel, Larys the Clubfoot, Alys Rivers, Jace Velaryon, Ser Osmund, and more. And the odd, subtle connections between the Starks of Winterfell and the Strongs of Harrenhal. The seeds of Strong.

This video was done in collaboration with Disputed Lands:

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Brown Wizard: Mr. Skillen

Archmaesters: BryndenBFish Notacast Anissa June Lady Shar Steven Stark Veronica Yohann

Maesters: Disputed Lands Amber G Anime Lover Ephemerata Ba’al the Bard Heather Kaffee Stark Karen C Katie J Lady Elaine Fairchild Leah M Lone Stark State LuciferMeansLightbringer Maria B Maria N Marilyn B Michael V Painkiller Jane Robert G Sanrixian Ser Small Paul Stine Susan D

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Intro music: Manuel Senfft Tagirijus – Hidden Castle


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