The Night’s Cast Episode 3: Night gathers, and now our rewatch begins!

Give this a listen! Had a lot of fun guesting on this episode. Bex, Petra, and Sam are lovely people and you should listen to the Night’s Cast even when I’m not on it.

Source: The Night’s Cast Episode 3: Night gathers, and now our rewatch begins!

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The Fall of Viserion

Source: The Fall of Viserion

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Whisperjewels Q&A Livestream with Maester Merry, MelanieLot7, and Sanrixian

If you’d like to skip the intro go ahead to 17:00 minutes


Maester Merry, Melanie Lot 7, Sanrixian, and I take the concepts and ideas from the main video and blow them out as far as they can go. Talk about valyrian steel, Great empire of the Dawn, Braavos, the origins of the Others, and much more.


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The Lost Mission of Mance Rayder

Meditations on A Song of Ice and Fire

NOTE: This will probably be incorporated into the Mannifesto at some point but for now I’m posting as a mostly self-contained piece.

This essay serves one purpose and one only:

To reveal the secret mission that was Mance Rayder’s true goal in the north during the events of A Dance with Dragons.

Explain the relevance of that mission on other aspects of the plot.

Explore significant implications of its discovery.

Let’s get straight to business then.

* * *



To begin understanding Mance’s true mission, we need to first account for what it is not.

An often overlooked but intriguing portion of Mance Rayder’s story in A Dance With Dragons concerns his relationship with Stannis, particularly before the king’s departure from Castle Black after JON IV—ADWD. Due to the overwhelming density of plot points in the book, it is all-too-easy and forgivable to…

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